Are you a woman applying to a top MBA program,
or thinking about it? Don’t go it alone. Join LadyMBA.

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Dear Future LadyMBA:

It's wonderful that you're applying to top business schoolsor, at least, thinking about it! It's also true that the process can be very stressful—confusing, overwhelming, frustrating and nerve-racking. With competition getting fiercer each year, most applicants are in for a rollercoaster. For many, the experience is quite lonely. Case in point, have you stalked any MBA application forums lately? No worries, no judgment—I’ve been in your heels!
Having a highly experienced and skilled guide by your side and a fun, supportive community sharing the ride can make all the difference. It sets you up for success, whatever form that takes. Come. See. Conquer.
Be a LadyMBA—we'll be with you every step of the way. (That's the LadyMBA Way.) Find out how.

My LadyMBA associates and I specialize in getting our fellow women professionals into top MBA programs, especially the elite set we call "WHISK"—Wharton, Harvard (HBS), INSEAD, Stanford and Kellogg—from which we graduated. Let us help.

If you're a woman applying to a top MBA program or thinking about it, don’t go it alone. Improve your odds and your application experience by joining the world’s first and only fully personalized, community-based women’s MBA admissions consulting service, with fun built in! Space is limited, so sign up now for LadyMBA: Your Best Way to a Top MBA.

We look forward to meeting you!

Yours truly,

Lady Boss


Take a seat—space is limited, so sign up now for LadyMBA!

Set yourself up for success in 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Complete our sign-up form to give us a better sense of who you are. 

Step 2: The LadyMBA team will review your responses to determine if we are a good match. If so, and if there is space available, we will offer you a spot in the LadyMBA admissions consulting or student mentoring program.

If you are not selected for this round, we will still reach out to help and bear you in mind for the next one!