Why Us?

With you every step of the way

The LadyMBA Way…

  • We are with you every step of the way. That’s the LadyMBA Way.
    (Yes, you can have us on speed dial.)

  • We are committed to your success.
    (Our fully personalized, boutique experience means it’s all about you and helping you win.)

  • "All work and no play" is not the LadyMBA Way.

    Experience the LadyMBA Way.

How do we deliver on these promises?

The Boutique Experience: Quality over Quantity

Think boutique, not mass market. We are not an MBA admissions consulting factory where you get hurriedly churned out upon admission or rejection, along with tons of others each year. We are not an MBA mentoring organization where you can get lost in the shuffle. 

  • Research and our own personal experiences have shown us that women’s MBA application and MBA student experiences are quite different from men’s, which contributes to the abysmally low number of women who get into and through business school and into business leadership. 

    So, we focus exclusively on women, from application to graduation. We are the first and only fully personalized MBA admissions consulting and student mentoring service to do so.

  • You work directly with a LadyMBA consultant/mentor and graduate of a "WHISK" MBA program (Wharton, Harvard (HBS), INSEAD, Stanford or Kellogg)—no baiting and switching. We take on a small, predetermined number of clients for each round, so we can give you all our attention.

  • Our community-based experience, with fun built in, complements the one-on-one attention you get from your personal LadyMBA consultant/mentor.

  • Yes, we want you to get into and through your top MBA programs, but we also want you to enjoy the process. You’ll love the treats we have in store! Learn more.

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Strong Track Record of Success in MBA Admissions Consulting & Student Mentoring

At LadyMBA, we firmly believe in people’s power to be better and do better. Still, there is at least a modicum of truth to the adage that past performance can be an indicator of future success. So, let the record show that:

  • We have succeeded consistently in getting clients from diverse (including nontraditional) academic, professional and geographic backgrounds into and through the world’s top MBA programs, making the experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

  • We successfully did the same for ourselves, graduating from Wharton, Harvard (HBS), INSEAD, Stanford and Kellogg—all within the past seven years, so we remember it well.

  • We are on a winning streak and we have no intention of stopping it!

  • Even admissions directors at leading MBA programs have turned to us for advice.

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Experience & Expertise in Personal Branding & Persuasive Communication

You know how it goes. You may have excellent grades, a fancy job title and a GMAT score to die for, but if you don’t have a winning strategy and can’t tell your story powerfully, no dice—you won’t stand out and you won’t be going to a top business school. Don’t let that be you.

  • Meet Lady Boss, founder of LadyMBA.

    Lady Boss in INSEAD Amphi, 2012.
    Prior to graduating from INSEAD (Financial Times Global MBA Rank #1) and founding LadyMBA, Cheryl trained and served as a leadership and communication mentor and as a career adviser at one of the United States’ top-ranked all-women’s colleges. So she knows a thing or two about helping women take the lead and shine. 

    For the past 17 years, she has assisted women just like you in getting into top academic programs, acing those programs and landing their dream jobs.

  • Our entire team has blazed a trail of leading and shining: 

    • Fortune 50 (yes, 50) headquarters, check. Ivy League deans’ offices (not for punishment, but to edit their writing, ghostwrite their speeches and counsel them on strategic communication and PR), check. International organization headquarters and government offices, check.

    • Having clicked our high heels through all these places, we’re here to lend you our expertise in personal brand-building and persuasive communication, and to coach you to success. 

      Nothing would give us more pleasure than to see you in those corner offices one day soon! Once LadyMBA takes you on as an MBA applicant and/or MBA student mentee and we get to know you, we might even put in a good word to expedite your journey there.

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